Vincent Lagrange expressive animals

Belgian photographer, Vincent Lagrange has developed a series of stunning portraits of animals. Specializing in post-production, the ongoing project is called Human Animal. In this project, Lagrange photographs both domestic pets and wild animals in a very refined and serious manner.Vincent Lagrange expressive animalsVincent Lagrange expressive animals

His photographs have a certain majestic feel and quality to them that make the animal subjects almost appear human with their facial expressions.


Vincent Lagrange expressive animalsLagrange’s images focus on the most expressive aspects of his subjects, revealing striking similarities between animals and people: through his lens,not only cats and dogs but even reptiles and birds seem to acquire expressions that are full of character and wit.

Needless to say, the process of creating these portraits was no easy task, since the photographer had to rearrange his props and lights constantly to accommodate the animals moving around at their own disposition in the studio!

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