Top 5 World’s Best Strip Clubs

The best strip clubs are those that provide an amazing place to escape from reality.

Keeping that in mind, we picked 5 of the World’s best strip clubs. Enjoy!

Spearmint Rhino – Las Vegas, USA

Spearmint Rhino - Las Vegas, USA  Top 5 World's Best Strip Clubs spearmint rhino 7
Spearmint Rhino – Las Vegas, USA

There is now a Spearmint Rhino strip club located all over the globe, but the original Las Vegas club is still the best. With over 250 dancers, the girls are piping hot and the club is always packed.

It’s exclusive and upscale, and if you can afford the cash, be sure to treat yourself to a stint in the private Rhino Room, where the world is your oyster and you call the shots.


Seventh Heaven – Tokyo, Japan

Seventh Heaven - Tokyo, Japan  Top 5 World's Best Strip Clubs seventhHeaven
Seventh Heaven – Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese like to fantasize about innocent school girls in short dresses. Well, Seventh Heaven was built exclusively to help them channel their fantasies towards more mature and properly trained women.

You can find girls from different nationalities in this place, so it is ideal for the traveling businessman who can’t be bothered negotiating the dirty terrain of second-tier establishments.

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Night Flight – Moscow, Russia

Nightflight - Moscow, Russia  Top 5 World's Best Strip Clubs nightflight
Nightflight – Moscow, Russia

The Russian capital is a wild and crazy city with lots of beautiful women and luxurious Night Flight is a reflection of it. Their motto is: “Nightflight: Do It Tonight.” The women are gorgeous and the scene is like an X-rated high school prom where the only goal is to get it on.

Think of it as a party where the girls are filtered before being allowed to attend.

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Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – New York, USA

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club - New York, USA  Top 5 World's Best Strip Clubs larryflynt2
Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – New York, USA

Hustler Clubs are located all across the USA, but the New York joint tops it all, probably because New York is a city that is a class on its own. It features high ceilings that allow the girls to perform acrobatic stunts to further amaze the clientele, as if their looks alone are not enough to tickle the fantasies of its male audience.

The club also features a wing for the huge spenders. There are fantasy suites available to satisfy your wildest dreams.


Le Crazy Horse – Paris, France

Le Crazy Horse - Paris, France  Top 5 World's Best Strip Clubs crazy hprse
Le Crazy Horse – Paris, France

Le Crazy Horse is the iconic classic Parisian strip joint that, like Moulin Rouge, combines cabaret shows with naughty behavior. Women are presented in various stages of dress, or undress to be more precise. You can watch them bathe themselves, take a shower, dance as flappers or jive around in a laser light show.

If you cannot make it to Paris, you can also try Crazy Horse Too located in Las Vegas. It actually has an edgier and more naughty ambiance, making it one of the best strip joints in Sin City.

So, which one is your favourite?



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