Exclusive – Absolut Vodka Limited Edition Bottles

Swedish Absolut Vodka is well-known premium Vodka brand all around the World. For all you Vodka drinkers Boca do Lobo brings you an limited edition collection of hot Absolut Vodka design bottles. Enjoy!

Exclusive - Absolut Vodka

Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett has designed this limited edition bottle for vodka brand Absolut. The Absolut bottles are described as a “unique take on London’s style and fashion pioneers over the past 200 years”. They feature seven characters from the capital’s past ranging from the Dickensian era, through 18th-century dandy and up to 80s casual.

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Exclusive - Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka has had a brainstorm with designer Philipp Plein and created a limited edition bottle adorned with Swarovski crystals. A glittering skull, smiling rather than morbid, is found on the back of the bottle. Only 100 will be made.

Exclusive - Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka also has a limited edition bottle design named Absolut 72 Bian. Exclusively designed for and launched in China in August 2010, only 72 limited edition bottles of Absolut 72 Bian were available in Singapore in a one-day exclusive launch at fabrika at Klapsons, the boutique hotel.

Exclusive - Absolut Vodka Limited Edition Bottles (4)

Inspired by the ancient Chinese mythical figure, the Monkey King, Absolut 72 Bian refers to 72 transformations made by Monkey King during the novel Journey to the West. Gao Yu created cartoon-like features of the classical figure to express a distinctive fusion of traditional and modern art.


Absolut Istanbul is the second European limited edition bottle in Absolut Cities series. First one was Absolut London. The bottle itself comes in 700ml version.

Over the years, Absolut limited edition bottles have built a loyal following for itself.

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