Tips & Insights: High Point Market 2017

The High Point Market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the entire world and it will happen between the 22nd and the 26th of April. This event has each year around 2000 exhibitors and brings more than 75,000 people, from all over the world.  If you are looking to buy from

If you are looking to buy from retail home furnishings, this is certainly the place to go. However, since the event is so huge, it’s not always easy to take the best out of it. Here you can find several tips and insights, which will help you to take the most of the High Point Market.




This Market covers a lot of territories and it’s easy to get lost and loose a lot of time from meeting to meeting. You should pay attention to the where the showrooms you want to see will be placed and schedule meetings or arrange your time according to that. This way, if you know which vendors you want to see before the High Point Market starts, your visit will be easier and much more efficient.


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It will help you a lot if you look at all aspects of a potential purchase before you meet with vendors. This will make sure not only that you go to the right places at High Point Market, but also that you ask the right questions and make the most of your time there.


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Sometimes it can be easier if you focus on one category per Market, in order to improve the resource list. This is a time-saving trick and it will help you taking the most out of the High Point Market.




While organizing the visit at High Point Market, it is very important to take into the consideration the time you will take from showroom to showroom as well as the breaks you will need. Make sure you don’t schedule too many meetings, so you have quality time for everything.


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high point market

Every time you see an item you know you might want to buy, you should ask if you can take a picture of it. Then you should upload each photo to a global platform and organize them as you like. This will help you to remember and enter in contact with the brands as soon as you go back to your office.




It is very important to save half of your last day at High Point Market, so you can visit the brands you liked the most again and ask some more specific questions. You can also use this time to go around and find some new brands you hadn’t plan to visit, you might have amazing surprises.



High Point Market

The High Point Market also has very good events during the entire week. You should definitely try to attend the ones that would interest you the most.


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