Gretchen Aubuchon, Janel Laban and Traci Zeller at High Point Market

Heading up to North Carolina for High Point Market? Then do not forget the Fall 2013 Style Spotters. The Style Spotters are trendsetters who walk around the show, capturing images of their favourite looks and on-trend products. By posting these images on Pinterest, they are creating the highlights for the exhibition. Anyone can be involved and vote for their favourites, using the instructions on the trade show’s site.

We present you three of the Style Spotters for this year’s edition.

Gretchen Aubuchon

bocadolobo_Gretchen Aubuchon

Gretchen Aubuchon is and interior decorator and the founder for the Fashion + Decor website. She likes to bring together Fashion with Home Décor. She inspires her readers by applying current runway trends to furniture design, such as her combination of  Elie Saab’s Spring 2013 Collection and last year’s Hight Point Market.



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Janel Laban

bocadolobo_janel laban


Janel Laban is the executive editor of the widely famous home design and lifestyle blog Apartment Therapy. The slogan is “Saving the World One Room at a Time.” and their mission is to help people turn their homes into a beautiful, organised and healty environment.

Here is ‘The 2013 Room for Color Winners

bocadolobo_janel laban

bocadolobo_janel laban

If you want to keep up with her ideas, follow her on InstangramTwitter and Pinterest.

Traci Zeller

bocadolobo_traci zeller


Voted twice one of Charlotte’s 25 Most Stylish People, Traci Zeller believes that beauty is achieved by making the the ordinary, orderly. Hence the stylish, harmonious and graceful environements created by her and her team of Interior Designers.

Have a look at two great examples of her residential portfolio.



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Want to know who the other Style Spotters are? 

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